Brittany Ferries is a French ferry operator which which connects England, France & Spain and links Ireland with France.
Brittany ferries logo
The company was established in 1972 with sailings between Roscoff and Plymouth, initially to make it easier for French farmers to access the British markets. The freight ferry Kerisnel provided this service. In 1974, the ferry was replaced by the Penn-Ar-Bed. The operation was a complete success and the company began a passenger and vehicle service. Over the course of the late 70's, the company introduced new routes including services to St Malo, Santander and Cork. By the start of the 90's, the company had grown drastically, with the company introducing new cruiseferries, such as the Bretagne and the Normandie into the fleet. The early 2000's saw the new partnership between Brittany Ferries and Condor Ferries, with the Condor Vitesse repainted with Brittany Ferries colours. She was renamed Normandie Vitesse and provided a service between Poole and Cherbourg in just two hours. In 2004, the company's new flagship, the Pont-Aven was introduced, operating between between Santander and Cork. In 2005, P&O Ferries withdrew their services between Portsmouth and France. Brittany Ferries took advantage of this, and introduced a brand new catamaran, the Normandie Express. As of the early 2010's the company operates nine ships. Their headquarters are currently based in Roscoff, France.
Ship Built Entered Service Current Status
MV Pont-Aven 2004 2004 In Service (Flagship)
MV Bretagne 1989 1989 In Service
MV Normandie 1992 1992 In Service
MV Cap Finistère 2001 2010 In Service
MV Barfleur 1992 1999 In Service
HSC Normandie Express 2000 2005 In Service
MV Cotentin 2007 2007 In Service
MV Armorique 2009 2009 In Service
MV Mont St Michel 2002 2002 In Service

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