The terminal at Fishguard

Fishguard Harbour is a port situated in Fishguard, Wales. Historically, the harbour is most notable for a few things. Fishguard Harbour was opened in August, 1906 to be the end of the Great Western Railway. However, issues with the harbour's design prevented large ocean liners from docking there. Despite this, the world famous Mauretania, sister ship of the ill-fated Lusitania, docked there once in 1909. Passengers were transported by tender to the ship. Another notable event that happened in Fishguard was in 1797, long before the harbour was built. Jemima Nicholas, a local, led the women of Pembrokeshire into battle, which was known as the last Invasion of Britain. She held off twelve French soldiers whilst only armed with a pitchfork. She is recognised as 'The Welsh Heroine'. Today, the harbour is operated by Stena Line, who provides a cruise and high speed ferry service to and from Rosslare Europort. The high speed ferry, the Stena Lynx III only operates on this service in summer. In winter, she replaces the Stena Explorer on the Holyhead-Dún Laoghaire route. The cruiseferry, the Stena Europe, operates on this service all year round.

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