The Red Jet 2

The C.M. Jet 2 was the second of the five Red Jet ferries owned by Red Funnel. She has the ability to seat 138 passengers. She was introduced to service in 1990 along with her sister ship, the then Red Jet 1. Along with her sister ship, they were the first waterjet propelled high-speed catamaran ferry on the Solent. She and the now C.M. Jet 1 formerly sailed on the Southampton-Cowes route. Both the C.M. Jet 1 and the C.M. Jet 2 were sold in May 2009 to Caspian Mainport. They left the Solent on the 15 May 2009 en route to Saint Petersburg to her new owners. She now operates as a crew boat, flying the flag of Kazakhstan. She has a top speed of 36 knots.

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