The Manannan

The Manannan is a high speed catatmaran that is currently owned and operated by the ferry company the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company. She was built in 1998 by Incat, Tasmania as the Incat 050 for Transport Tasmania. She briefly served for TT-Line, a company linking Tasmania with mainland Australia, and she went under the name Devil Cat. In 2001, she was renamed as the Joint Venture and served for the US Armed Forces for five years. She was sold afterwards to the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company
Joint ven.

The Joint Venture

where she travelled 19,100 kilometres (11,868 miles) from Hobart to Portsmouth where she was refitted with a sky lounge and a new stern door. She made her way up to Douglas where a renaming ceremony took place and she started operations between Douglas and Liverpool, the route she still serves today. She has five sister ships, the Bentago Express, the Alboran, the Highspeed 6, the Bonanza Express and the Bencomo Express. Her current port of registry is Douglas, the Isle of Man.

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