The Mandarin is a high speed catamaran that is currently owned and operated

The Stena Lynx

by the ferry company Dae-A Express Shipping Co. Ltd. She was built in 1993 by Incat, Tasmania Stena Sealink Line as the Stena Sea Lynx. When Stena over Sealink operations, her name was shortened to Stena Lynx. She remained with Stena Line until 1999 when she was sold to Virtu Ferries. She was renamed Avant and served for the company until 2002, when she was sold again, this time to Dae-A-Gosok, where she entered service with the company's subsidary, Dae-A-Express where she was renamed as the Ocean Flower and later, the Mandarin. She serves on the route that links Pusan with


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