The Red Jet 4

The Red Jet 4 is the fouth out of the five Red Jet catamarans owned by Red Funnel. She currently operates on the Southampton-Cowes route along with her two other sister ships, the Red Jet 3 and the Red Jet 5. She was built by North West Bay Ships, based in Tasmania in 2003.

Ship Simulator

Red Jet 4 in the Solent

Red Jet 4 crossing the Solent in Ship Simulator Extremes.

Alongside one of her running mates, MV Red Eagle, she is featured and playable in both Ship Simulator 2008 and Ship Simulator Extremes. In both versions, it is possible to go down into the passenger area. At full speed, Red Jet 4 can make the Southampton-East Cowes Crossing in less than 10 minutes in-game.