The Anthi Marina docked in Rhodes, 2008

The Anthi Marina is a roro ferry that is owned by the Greek ferry company GA Ferries. She was built in 1979 by Schichau Unterwesser AG, Germany as the Spirit of Free Enterprise for the former British ferry company Townsend Thoresen and was the first of three sister ships operated by the company. Her two other sister ships are the Pride of Free Enterprise and the ill-fated Herald of Free Enterprise. She served for the company until P&O took over all Townsend Thoresen operations in 1987. After the Zeebrugge Disaster, the ship was fitted with CCTV cameras in the car deck and she was repainted in P&O colours. She was also renamed as the Pride of Kent. In 1991, the ship was extended and rebuilt, a process called Jumboisation. In 1998, she was transferred to P&O Stena Line where she was renamed as the POSL Kent, until 2003 where she replaced and laid up. In 2006, she was bought by GA Ferries, a Greek company, for operations between Rhodes, Kos and Piraeus. She is currently laid up in Piraeus, Greece.
Spirit Class
MS Spirit of Free Enterprise~MS Pride of Free Enterprise~MS Herald of Free Enterprise

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