The Daniya

The Daniya is a roro ferry that was owned and operated by the ferry company Balearia. She was built in 1984 by Chantiers Dubigeon SA, France for SNCF as the Champs Elysses, until 1992 where she was chartered to Stena Sealink Line and renamed as the Stena Parisen. In 1997, she entered service with SeaFrance for their service linking Dover with Calais and her name was changed to SeaFrance Manet. She remained with the company for 12 years, until she was repurchased by Stena Line. She was again renamed, this time as the Stena Navigator where she was placed on the route linking Stranraer with Belfast. She ran alongside the Stena Caledonia and the Stena Voyager until late November 2011, when the ships were replaced by the newly chartered Stena Superfast VII and the Stena Superfast VIII. The vessel was renamed Daniya and will sail for the Spanish ferry company Baleària. Her current port of registry is Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Spain.

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