The Island Navigator

The MV Island Navigator provides service in New Zealand between downtown Auckland, North Island, to Tryphena, Great Barrier Island. The trip normally takes 4.5 hours, depending on the wind and tide. The vessel is owned by SeaLink Travel Group.

The Island Navigator was built in 1988 for the East-West Samoa Shipping Company, but the company failed shortly after the ship was delivered. Following repossession, she lay idle in the Brisbane River, Australia, for two years. In 1990 she was purchased by the SeaLink Travel Group. After a short refit she started on the Kangaroo Island service, Australia, before being brought into service in New Zealand .
Island Navigator

Island Navigator after her repaint.

The ship is 38m by 13.7m with a loaded draft of 2.4m. She is manned by a crew of four and carries 196 passengers, or up to 170 tonnes of freight (including cars). She has a service speed of about 14 knots, and a maximum speed of 18 knots.

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