The Loch Bhrusda is a roro car ferry that is currently owned and operated by the Scottish ferry company Caledonian

The Loch Bhrusda

MacBrayne. She was built in 1996 by McTay Marine in Bromborough for the company where she was placed on the brand new route linking Berneray with Leverburgh. The Loch Tarbert briefly began operations on the route before the Loch Bhrudsa relieved her in June 1996. The brand new route proved to be a major success by the beginning of 1997. The Loch Bhrudsa stayed on the service for seven years, until she was replaced by the much larger Loch Portain in 2003. The Loch Bhrudsa was moved to the route that links the Isle of Eriskay with the town of Ardmoor. She stayed on this route for a further four years, until the Loch Alainn replaced her in 2007, herself being replaced following the introduction of the newly built Loch Shira on the Largs route, which was formerly served by the Loch Alainn. Since 2007, the Loch Bhrusda has been a relief vessel for ferries on the Clyde. Her facilities include passenger lounges on either side of the vessel and toilets. She can accommodate approximately 150 passengers and 20 vehicles. Her current port of registry is Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.

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