The Queen of Oak Bay

The Queen of Oak Bay is a C Class roro ferry that is owned by the ferry company BC Ferries. She currently operates on the Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay route in British Columbia, Canada. She has four other sister ships, the Queen of Alberni, the Queen of Cowichan, the Queen of Coquitlam and the Queen of Surrey. She was completed in 1981 and was launched in Victoria, British Columbia. In June 2005, she underwent a $35 million refit so that she could remain in service for another 20
Queen of oak bay crash

Overhead view of the Crash

years. On the 30 June 2005, just after her refit, the Queen of Oak Bay lost power just before docking at the Horseshoe Bay terminal. She could not run under her own power, but her rudders were still operational and she was still able to thumb|300px|right|CNN Footage of the crashsteer. She slowly drifted and crashed into the nearby Sewell's Marina. 28 pleasure crafts were destroyed but there were no casualties or injuries. The cause of the incident was revealed to be a missing split pin, which retained a nut that linked the engine speed govenor and the fuel control. Without the pin, the nut would fall off and the link would be separated. The ship suffered minor damaged, and returned to service on the 8 July.