MV Seamaster is a New Zealand ferry operated by SeaLink Travel Group between Waiheke Island and Auckland. It is a reverse-on, drive-off ferry that carries mostly freight, including fuel, stock, heavy trucks and machinery.


M.N Subritzky

MV Seamaster was previously called M.N. Subritzky a freight carrier for Subritzky Shipping. SeaLink Travel Group aquired the vessel in 2004 when it bought Subritzky Shipping. The M.N. Subritzky, herself, had been constructed from the dumb barge (i.e., the hull of a towed barge) of the Wakakiri in 1985/1986. While M.N. Subritzky had limited space or appeal for passengers, the hull of the vessel was rebuilt and returned to servive in August 2007 as MV Seamaster, with a new streamlined hull, a new ramp with lifting gear, and mufflers installed, which resulted in a more comfortable trip for ferry travellers. However, it is slower than the other ferries on this route, taking 60 minutes rather than the 30 minutes for MV Seacat and MV Seaway. As such fares are less expensive on this ferry than the others.

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