The Terminal at Pembroke Dock

Pembroke Dock (Welsh: Doc Penfro) is a seaside town situated in south west Wales. She is the third largest town in Pembrokeshire. The town is notable for its famous historical dockyards, its RAF base, its oil refinery and its ferry terminal. The naval dockyards were established in 1814 just after the founding of Pembroke Dock and had been building ships for over a century, before launching its last ship in 1926. The last ship afloat that was lanched at Pembroke was scrapped in 1956. The RAF were also based at Pembroke Dock. During World War II, the base was targeted by the Luftwaffe. They bombed a series of tanks, containing oil. The resulting fire burnt for 18 days. In 1957, the base closed its doors for the final time. The Chevron oil refinery was commisioned in 1964, being owned by Regent Oil Company. She was sold twice, to Texaco and to Chevron, and is about to be sold again to Valero Energy Corporation. In 2011, the refinery exploded, killing four workers. The ferry terminal at Pembroke Dock links with Rosslare, Ireland. The service is operated by the Isle of Inishmore of Irish Ferries.

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