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Making good time

Stena Line is a Swedish ferry company that operates ferries all around Europe. Stena is one of the largest ferry companies in the world, with over thirty vessels in the fleet. Stena Line was founded in 1962 and the head office is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. They merged with Sealink to form Sealink Stena Line in 1990, but became Stena Line when Sealink became defunct in 1996. Stena Line currently runs services on three main routes, the Irish Sea, the North Sea and the Scandinavian routes. The company operates the HSS 1500 class catamaran ferries, which are the largest vessels of its kind. 2007 saw the withdrawal of one of those ferries, the Stena Discovery, which is now owned by Albamar Shipping. On the 22nd November the Stena Voyager will also leave service, leaving just the one Stena Explorer in service. November 22nd will also see the Withdraw of the Stena Caledonia and the Stena Navigator, being replaced with the Stena Superfast I & II. Along with the changes the port will move from Stranraer to Cairnryan.

Logo history and Livery

Stena Line have always more or less stuck to using the traditional S on their funnel. On early ferries the hull was either blank or had some plain red STENA LINE words on it. Their current logo was introduced in the early 1990's. Since then the interiors have totally been updated. A couple of years ago they began to introduce some larger writing on the hulls with some waves and the slogan Making good time. This does not apply to all boats and some boats (mainly cargo ones) just have a navy hull.


Stena Line use a variety of Brand names, a few that they have or have had in the past are high street names but most are self branded. Some noticeable ones are Food City, Stena Shopping and Barista Coffee House. In the past they have used for Coffee Shops names like O' Brian's (high street brand) and Pumpkin Cafe.


Name Built Tonnage Passengers Notes
Coraggio 2007 25,000 500 On charter from Grandi Navi Veloci
Stena Lagan 2005 26,500 980
Stena Mersey 2005 26,500 980
Stena Adventurer 2003 43,532 1,500
Stena Baltica 1986 31,910 1,200
Stena Britannica 2010 63,039 1,200
Stena Caledonia 1981 12,619 1,154 Withdrawn from service November 2011
Stena Carisma 1997 8,631 900
Stena Carrier 1998 21,089 12
Stena Danica 1983 15,899 2,300
Stena Europe 1981 24,828 1,400
Stena Explorer 1996 19,638 1,500 Is currently on sale on Offshore Solutions for around 4 million in Yalove, Turkey.
Stena Feronia 1997 21,856 340 Sold to Bluebridge, 2015
Stena Freighter 1998 21,004 12
Stena Germanica 2001 44,237 900
Stena Hibernia 1996 13,017 12
Stena Hollandica 2010 63,039 1,200
Stena Jutlandica 1996 29,691 1,500
Stena Lynx III 1996 4,113 670 Withdrawn from service October 2011
Stena Nautica 1986 11,763 663
Stena Navigator 1984 15,093 1,800 Withdrawn from service November 2011
Stena Saga 1981 25,905 2,000
Stena Scandinavica 2003 55,050 900
Stena Scanrail 1973 7,504 12
Stena Scotia 1996 13,600 12
Stena Spirit 1988 42,448 2,200
Stena Transit 2011 33,690 300
Stena Transporter 2011 33,690 300
Stena Vision 1987 39,178 1,700
Stena Nordica 1996 19,638 1,500
Stena Superfast VII 2001 30,285 600
Stena Superfast VIII 2001 30,285 600