Hey there, welcome to The Ferry Wiki. By reading this we're assuming that you have not yet created an account, and are unable to due to COPPA (Child Online Privacy & Protection Act 1998). Since the main two admins are British, the website would not be required to abide by these regulations if independent, yet it would be more expensive to operate. While Wikia does not welcome users under 13, the Wiki overall does not agree, but does not have a say.

Due to vandalism a couple of years back the website has chosen to only allow users to edit pages, however not to threat! The wiki has a more minor version on Wikispaces. While it may require user status to edit pages, the website allows minors under 13 to join provided that they have parental permission. The admins of the wiki asks users to create and edit articles there, and we'll upload it to the main wiki if we think it's worth it :).

If the wiki gets more visitors and the threat of excessive vandalism and spam is no longer present, we may allow unregistered uses to edit again on the wiki, however this is yet to be discussed and it is only a possibility.

[1] - Enjoy!

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