TransEuropa Ferries is a Belgian ferry company that is currently based in Ostend. The company provides services between Ramsgate, England and Ostend, Belgium. TransEuropa Ferries was founded in 1998 where it started operations as a freight ferry company, but introduced regular passenger services in 2004. Her current fleet are as follows

MF Oleander- Built in 1980 and entered service in 2001.

MF Gardenia- Built in 1977 and entered service in 2002.

MF Larkspur- Built in 1976 and entered service in 1999.

MF Eurovoyager- Built in 1978 and entered service in 1998.

MS Ostend Spirit- Built in 1991. Entered service with TransEuropa Ferries and LD Lines as a joint ownership.

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