Wightlink new logo
Wightlink is a ferry company based in the Isle of Wight, Southern England. It is one of three ferry companies that operate on the Solent, linking mainland England and the Isle of Wight (the other two companies being Red Funnel and Hovertravel). Their primary routes are the Yarmouth-Lymington route which takes thirty minutes, the Portsmouth to Fishbourne route which takes fourty minutes and the catamaran route, Portsmouth to Ryde, which only takes eighteen minutes. Wightlink has linked mainland England and the Isle of Wight for over 160 years. In 2009, Wightlink adopted a new logo, which replaced her old one. Wightlink's flagship is the St Clare, which is the largest ferry that sails to the Isle of Wight. Other ships include the St Class operating on the Portsmouth-

Wightlink's old logo

Fishbourne route (St Cecilia, St Faith, St Helen and St Clare), the Wight Class operating on the Lymington-Yarmouth route, (Wight Sky, Wight Sun and Wight Light) and the Ryder Class caramarans which run on the Portsmouth to Ryde route, (Wight Ryder I and Wight Ryder II). The Ryder class catamarans replaced the FastCat catamarans (FastCat Ryde and FastCat Shanklin). The Wight Class ferries replaced the C Class ferries (Cenwulf, Caedmon and Cenred) in 2009.